Ready to Ride, but what?

Well here we are just under 3 days till the trails open for the 17-18 sled season. I thought I would go for a ride today but a sled seemed out of the question so I got my bike out, heck its even good weather for a hot rod cruise too but that was a little harder to get out. So it looks like we are still quite a ways off for snow. This makes my 21st season coming up here in downtown Frederic and the snow just seems to come later and later. Its been cloudy here all day but its 50 degrees here on Tuesday afternoon. We just have to wait it out as usual. I see we have picked up quite a few new readers so here is a reminder on how I try to keep things rolling here so I don’t have to resort to the spam line for food. I have secure fenced outdoor storage just a half mile south of Sledheads here for you trailer if you don’t want to haul it back and forth. I keep it plowed out ( but first we need snow). I am also a Century 21 agent for those of you that may be thinking for buying a place up north or selling one you have. So that’s my little plug for myself. I also see that we are less that 100,000 hits from the 4 million mark on my webpage counter so I will have to come up with some goodies for the first one to get a pic to me with their counter at theĀ 4 million mark. I should have a few new shirt designs done so I am sure that will be part of the prize along with some other goodies too. So the pics below I took here just a little bit ago…..Thanks for checking in and doing some snow chanting wont hurt either. MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH>>>>>>>>.648D1BAE-E445-4556-8889-9D6BF05E297B B42369EC-C214-4C9D-8B08-270F07666465 C869B312-01A3-4D97-BF51-477E61A0A902

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