ready for the weekend?

Are you ready for the weekend? Hard to tell what is going to happen. Its now 11 on Friday morning and its 37 degrees here in Frederic. Luckily we had no rain as predicted over night and sleds have been out and around town here this morning. Trailer counts were really low this morning in town with 3 at the Days Inn and 5 at the Ramada which tells me many are staying home. Everyone I talked to yesterday were reporting fantastic conditions as they have been so far this morning from riders that have come in.┬áThe weather said it could be high of 47 which will really put the hurt to us. Like I said yesterday its a crap shoot on people to travel north but for those that are out there right now things are fine. On the way here this morning it was very sunny but thankfully the sun disappeared a long time ago and its just cloudy. If anyone is missing a helmet camera contact me as I have one that was turned in, I have that along with the apex hood still from last month and a Yamaha map bag too.┬áThat’s about the best I can say about the trail conditions. So going back to our trip to Strongs, Jim Jones and I left Sledheads Tuesday morning and made it up to the bridge in about 2.5 hours, we called for the shuttle and got dropped off in St Ignace where we had a great pasty lunch with Jeannie at the Zodiac Party Store, I have know here almost 30 years and she makes those pasties herself and they are great. We headed off the trail towards Moran and then a pit stop in Trout Lake.. Another short ride from Trout Lake and we arrived in Strongs about 6 hours and 138 miles later. Our destination was the Clarke Mootel and yes I spelled Mootel right, which we could see as soon as we came into town. Patty & Andy are the owners and super gracious hosts. If you want to ride to the u.p. from Frederic or even just drive up there I highly recommend this place. The rooms are very nice and clean and that is just the start as this place is way more than just a Mootel. Its a destination. Andy is a bit of a collector and he would be thrilled to give you the tour of his estate. Jim and I were there on a Tuesday night and there were about ten of us gathered out in one of his entertainment areas having a good time. To describe the whole place is nearly impossible as there is so much to describe so I am going to leave it at this, You call them up and reserve a room, stay there and meet them and see the place, If you don’t think its the coolest thing you have ever seen I will give you a Sledheads T shirt. I think that’s a pretty safe guarantee on my part as you will be still smiling when you come and see me. So with that I will put some pics on below here. The motel number for reservations is 906 274 5541. Thanks for checking in. Pete…..ok, I give, I have been trying to upload pics to this for about an hour and cant get them to go today…..I don’t know what the deal is as I can usually do it pretty easy. I will have to try a different thing later on.





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