Rainy & Dreary with a chance of snow?

Its been raining for three days now and it looks like its going to keep it up for a few more. The bright spot in all that rain is that there is a chance for snow tonight so we may get a little white. I am sure it will be wet and heavy if we get any at all. The Frederic gas station known as the Beacon & Bridge opened up last Thursday again with their shiny new pumps so its good to have gas back in town again. They used to have only one diesel pump but they now have four so that’s good and they have a new Kerosene tank too for those who need that. Kerosene is tough to find around Crawford county. I have already had a couple calls on people that want to leave their trailers down at my storage units. I have a lot of room for trailers if you do not want to haul them back and forth. Its fenced and secure and its $40 per month if you are interested. Inside space is next to impossible to get as its always full. I could use about 20 more inside spaces. If the rain we have had the past few days were snow we would be up to about 5 feet by now. Below are a few pics from our color tour thru Vermont, New Hampshire, & Maine last week. The groomer was alongside the road for sale, I don’t think it would get much traction in a snow storm. Thanks for checking in. Pete6D33FD03-253B-4ABC-9FD8-D88F82EB54B9 845D7EBA-5B74-41E3-B887-C04DDC30C1CF 932BBDB2-73BD-4511-B686-4DA1E9E12926 groomer

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