Rainy Dreary Monday in Frederic

Its been a rainy and dreary here in Frederic all day. Still a surprising amount of snow around in different areas, mostly patches of it or piles of it hiding on the north side of trees. We got back home from Florida yesterday afternoon and then I headed up to Gaylord and was surprised at how many patches and piles of snow I saw all around. Lake Margrethe looks like all the ice is gone off of it but Otsego Lake is still completely ice covered. Mountain Man just stopped in and he said Manistee Lake is wide open too. The pics below of the snow I took this morning on the way up here. The little bit of snow in my lot is next to the fence and that’s about it. It will take a while to get rid of the snowpiles that are out there. Last year I got 3 rides in during april. Right now it doesn’t look like that is going to happen but if it does you can bet I will give it  a try. Chubby Roger has moved to Frederic full time now and is working out at the new Arauco plant they are building in Grayling, he said there are several snowmobile guys working out there so maybe that means some new customers here for me next winter. Here is a pic of Chubby Roger and I out at the new plant site this morning. Now maybe he and I can get some good rides in again. Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_4758 IMG_4760 IMG_4761

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