Raining, Sleeting, Snowing, and Hazy

100_3826 100_3827Its raining, sleeting, snowing and hazy outside. I am somewhere about 100 miles west of Saskatoon Saskatchawan at a mcdonalds. Made it thru north Dakota yesterday thur endless miles of farm fields and equipment sales places. Thru Minot and up to a place called Portal where I crossed into Saskatchawan. They gave me the hard look over at the border which took about 45 mintues. They searched all the way thru the trailer and truck and then gave me the o.k. to go on thru. Its the same here as north Dakota with large or should I say huge farms and lots of farm equipment along with some big mining operations. I stopped in Lanigan to visit a guy I have talked to on the phone for ten years but I have never met him in person. He is another collector and fan of Fred Bear like I am so it was nice to see his collection and talk with him and his family. From there I just kept on heading west. I am gradually going to start heading a lot more north after I get past Edmonton….Just cruising along and putting on some miles…..I am only about 1600 miles in so far so I think its going to be a while yet….I did take a wild picture of this thing for sale in someones yard, they put a ton of work in this, rearĀ engine with 2 car rear ends in it…they should have used a cooler car.Saskatawan. The scerenery should change to more than just flatlands …Thanks for checking in. Pete



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