Rain Rain Go Away

Its 38 degrees and very foggy out side this morning, While the rain has let up for now it took alot of the snow away. There was alot of rain and sleet mix that came down on us yesterday. As I passed the boat ramp yesterday morning I saw that the skim of ice that was on the lake was gone and there were 3 trucks there with boat trailer, I assume the guys were out fishing but when I passed by the lake over on m 72 all the ice skim was in that bay over there. After the rain and warmth yesterday and today that ice will probably be all gone. Just 9 days till christmas and the time when many of you plan a big week up north. I dont remember how many years its been since we have had a good week of riding between christmas and new years, I just know its been to long. On the bright side I was Santa for a friends family christmas party last night. It was really great to see how thrilled and lit up alot of those little kids were. I handed one little boy a box of candy and his eyes opened up so big and he was so thrilled…..it sure would be a joy if life was that easy once again for all of us…….HO HO HO and thanks for checking in. Pete


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