Rain Rain Go Away

Things were great yesterday until last night when the rain started and continued most of the night. Schools everywhere are closed and I am back at home this morning but I have been to town, the trail thru hanson hills looked surprising good for the rain we had but its 37 out and very icy, The weather looks like maybe it will turn in our favor this week but only time will tell. I am sure that it would be to squishy to try and ride in the mess we have out there right now. As far as this past weekend goes it was picture perfect for riding and that is something we dont get to see often enough. Yesterday afternoon a whole family of riders came into the shop and said that they had found the mountain man. They said they talked to him for half an hour and they all said how nice he was and that he even invited them in for coffee…..I was just thinking that there have been no mountain man sightings but he is still out there. Below are the pictures they sent me and yes they did get t shirts for thei pictures too…Thanks for checking in. Pete20130209_174340 20130209_175508 20130209_175556

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