Radio Trail Report

I was up typing early this morning so I figured I might as well throw something on here. Today starts my weekly radio broadcasts for trail reports so I had to write something for that. Of course not anything that we want to hear. All I am basically doing is rambling on about nothing. Below is what I wrote and also a picture I took of the shop when I left last night. I always like the way it looks in the dark with the neon on. Thanks for checking in.       Hello Snowmobilers its Pete Kocefas here coming at you from Sledheads in downtown Frederic with your northern Michigan snowmobile trails report which unfortunately is not the report that we want to hear.  Everyone is anxious for the snow to fall so we can all hit the trails. The groomers are sitting idle and it will take a while after the snow hits for them to head out and do what they do best. There are plenty of snowmobiling videos on line to watch just to keep you day dreaming which I know many riders are doing.  Many riders have nice new sleds and it really hurts to not be able to get out and try them out. Area clubs have been out brushing and getting trails in order to be ready when the time finally comes. When the time finally comes Please be sure to ride safely.

sledheads at night


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