Quiet Sunday Start in Frederic

Its a quiet sunday morning start in Frederic with only a few sleds thru so far this morning and its now 11. I talked to 2 different sets of riders that were heading for the bridge and one set that said there was a lot of snow that way yesterday. I know that Bois Blanc Island had so much drifted snow on it yesterday that they had the big  road commission truck stuck and were trying to get it out with a backhoe. Trails still holding very well and I liked that the weather last night said all the high winds shifted the ice around on lake Michigan opening it up to give us more lake effect snows. That sounds good to me, its supposed to be cold all week. Last night I closed and went down to the Frederic inn for dinner with my daughter Haley who spent all day here at sledheads with me. We had a good dinner and came back here to find out that my loving beagle threw up twice on the carpet and gave me a nice mess to clean up. So that was fine we  handled that and headed home. Haley didn’t want the dog on her side of the truck so I put her under my side by my legs……the phone rings and I am talking to a guy and then I thought I felt something and then again I knew that stupid blind diabetic beagle was covering my leg. I told the guy I had to go cause my dog was throwing up on me……..I sure love that dog…..so we got home and luckily she missed my shoe and I cleaned out the truck and then gave her a bath…..Today she stayed home….Below are a couple pics I took last night of the grayling groomers parked in front of the Frederic inn where they usually have dinner every night. Thanks for checking in. Pete

photo 3 (4)

photo 2 (5) photo 1 (5)

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