Quiet in Frederic but hang on to your carbides

I say that because its going to be a zoo here today. Trailer counts at the Days Inn for this morning was 13 and 38 at the Ramada in Grayling. Traffic was heavy here yesterday and will be busier today. I just wish we had more snow but this is great compared to what we have had. With this amount of sleds out there it wont take much to tear the trails up but I only heard one person complain yesterday. Most everybody is just greatful to be riding. I saw the grayling groomer go by last night with the drag on instead of pulling a trailer full of supplies for tree clearing so that was an encouraging sign. I just saw Bill Smith at the gas station who runs one of the gaylord groomers and he was heading out to groom too. I know that grayling still had more trees to trim out of the way this morning. If you see those guys out there they are out there working there butts off so if you come across them out working on the trails today dont just ride by and give them a thumbs up jump off your sled and help them drag some out of the way. There were 4 of the volunteers that stopped in here yesterday, they were riding in their truck but following the groomer with the supply trailer and thank goodness for them doing all that work. Thats a big behind the scenes thing you dont see or think about but those fallen trees dont clear themselves. I heard from Hard of hearing Mike and his snow bunny Sandy who were heading up from Ohio yesterday and Toledo Bob and Amy checked in too to say they were coming. Here is a new t shirt contest and there can only be one winner. First one to send me or show me a picture of them with the Mountain Man gets a t shirt. I think he is still camped out in the woods where I left him in June. His camp is out near the far parking lot by dingmans down CCC bridge road. Go one mile south on CCC Bridge road from 72 and then there is a seasonal 2 track going west.  Turn west and head in about one mile to a dead end trail in the tall pines. If he is there you will probably see his foot prints. Yes he is kind of big and scary but just call him Mountain Man and tell him Pete sent you and he will be fine with that. Maybe take him a sandwich or give him a couple dollars. If only it was still the fur trading era of the 18030s he would be right at home. He might have moved out from there by now but you can bet he is somewhere near where sleds will be riding by. Haley is here this morning and excited to get the Coney Cart going so stop in if you need a hot dog or Coney. So time to get to work in the shop here. Thanks for checking in and please ride safely. Pete

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