Pretty darn nice

Its pretty darn nice out there right now and I wish I was out there riding. Overnight in Grayling we had about 3 inches of wet slushy snow, not really that great but here in Frederic we had 4 to 5 inches of a nice thick snow which makes for great packing and riding right now. I was surprised to see how much better it was here being only ten miles away. Its still to darn warm out there at 31 degrees right now and its 11:38. We have to take what we get and be happy with it. There have been four sleds in here so far this morning and they said they love it out there. The guys from my cottage made it up to the bridge and back yesterday and they said it was a pretty decent ride but there were some bad spots. Also Toledo Turk was in to pick up some goodies this morning. He is a regular reader. Its always fun meeting people coming in that are regulars at reading my ramblings. Well back to work for now..Thanks for checking in. Pete

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