please send snow

Please send snow. Thankfully yesterday it only made it up to 33 degrees. There were more sleds out than I expected to say and it wasn’t till later in the day that I heard reports of bad trails and that was mostly from grayling towards Frederic. During the night the temp went up to 35 but there were a few flakes of fresh snow on my truck when I got up. I looked at trail crossings on the way here this morning and all of them had a lot of stones showing thru but that still hasn’t stopped people this morning as there are four sleds across the street right now at the swamp. Even with what we do have riders were just happy to stop by here and visit and they were still having a good time and that’s the important part. We have to do the best with what we have and unfortunately that’s not very much. I didn’t get any sled pictures yesterday but I took this one of our neighborhood turkeys when I left home this morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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