Perfect weekend for riding

Temperatures are a comfy 25 degrees with great snow conditions for riding. By Friday afternoon there were a lot of sleds buzzing around in Frederic and plenty of them parked at both the Frederic Inn and the Swamp. I ended up staying open till 8:30 last night. This morning the trailer counts were 2 at the Days Inn and 22 at the Ramada which I still think is pretty low for what should be a really busy weekend. Riders are reporting great trails but one thing that troubles me is that I was told by a pretty reliable source last night that the DNR was limiting the Gaylord groomers to only doing 2 grooms this whole weekend. I don’t understand that as you would think they want them to stay on top of it. I would love to know the whole story behind that. Tom and Gary rode into here yesterday afternoon and said they had spotted the mountain man setting up camp behind the gas station in Alba. First person to bring me their picture with the mountain man gets a sledheads t shirt. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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