Only 4 months till the trails officially open

Its a perfect temperature and sunny day in beautiful downtown Frederic with a nice breeze blowing thru the building here and just think exactly four months today I doubt if I will have the front door wide open like this. We will all be hoping for lots of snow and hope to get the riding off on December 1 just like it should. Last week was hectic in grayilng with all of the events of the week and it was finished off by the 66th running of the Ausable River Canoe Marathon. I had taken the camper over to Oscoda on Thursday night and Haley and I followed the race all the way on Saturday night going from bridge to bridge to see what canoes were in what position. The night really went by pretty smoothly and fast. Its always nice to see daylight coming and the first canoes paddling into Alcona Dam with the fog lazily lifting off of the pond waters. We spent the night at the camper there and then headed back to Grayling on Monday afternoon. This coming weekend will be off to the Traverse City State park and checking out things in TC. The film festilval is going on this weekend but I am just hoping to get some bike riding in and speaking of bike riding, at least the kind with a motor on them, Sturgis South Dakota kicks off today and goes for the next 11 days…..I will be heading out there on Tuesday so you can watch for an update or two from me there along with what ever other fun I may have. Big John , one of the Alabama boys stopped in here to see me yesterday as he is up here enjoying some of the Michigan summer. It was good to see him but he is waiting on the snow to get back so he can ride too. James the senior member of the Alabama boys is out in Sturgis right now and I called him to see if we could get connected out there but they are heading back already so I will miss him out there. One other thing I wanted to right about this week was the Mountain Man and wouldn’t you know it one of the readers here wrote me today wondering about if I had seen MM around at all. The answer is no I have not but I was actually gonna write about him this week. I talked to him last month on the third and am gonna try and call him tomorrow as that’s when his money comes and he usually has minutes on his phone. He told me last month that he was still out in the woods and his truck was broke again. He wouldn’t tell me where he was as he loves to keep that a secret. I told him I was gonna come lookin for him but haven’t done it yet…..It sure is amazing that he survives the way he does…..My guess is he is still camped out somewhere out of sunset trail or up near Manistee lake. I am sure people that spot him think they just found big foot or Sasquatch out there. I did go back to where I left him last summer but he was not in that spot. So thanks for checking in. Pete,,oh and one more thing, along the canoe marathon route at each bridge Haley and I were picking up cans. People tend to drink a lot of beer on that run but it was pretty cool out and not a great beer drinking night but we still collected a lot of cans. Haley said she didn’t care if she looked like a hobo picking up cans as in the morning she was gonna have a pocket full of money, and sure enough she did after we went and cashed them in……

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