Scuffle with Police at Larrys Seven Ski in Elmira

Only 275 days till winter. Its a nice chilly ten degrees this morning at Lake Margrethe. I woke up to look out this morning to two raccoons helping themselves to our bird feeder. They must have scared the deer and rabbits off. Many of you while out riding stop at Elmira at Larrys Seven Ski Inn that is right on the trail. Here is a link to a news story from last night about a scuffle that Larry got into with the state police on St Patricks Day.Larrys Seven Ski Inn State Police Scuffle  Larrys Seven Ski Inn Police scuffle At 83 years old Larry is a pretty intimidating guy. He stopped into Sledheads a couple years ago for a visit but I thought he was just a nice old guy. He has had that place over there for over 50 years….and I thought I had been in Sledheads for a long time at only 20 years. Click the link and watch the news video. There were nice big snow flakes in the air in Frederic most of the day yesterday and it looks like it might happen again today. I took the pic of the helicopter flying low over grayling on its way to the army airfield. Thanks for checking in. Pete1 2

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