Only 18 below last night

Its been hectic here in Frederic all morning and its now 1:30 and I am just getting to this. Sleds have been out and its a heat wave now as the temp is all the way up to 12 after being 18 below during this past night. Still no new snow and I don’t know what to believe on the upcoming weather reports as I have seen 2 different ones, one that we would like and one that we wont. I had many complaints yesterday about trail 4 and everyone said it has not been touched in a long time so if you get to 4 and start on it and it is bad, its not going to get any better so turn around and go back, that’s the trail that runs to lakes of the north along Mancelona road. Trailer counts were still low this morning in grayling with 6 at the Days Inn and 9 at the Ramada. I am cutting this short today so thanks for checking in and Please ride Safetly. Pete

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