One Month till the trails Open and a Mountain Man sighting

Can you believe only one more month till the start of the new riding season. Who knows if we can start on the first or will the wait be on to hit the trails. Only time will tell but like I said the other day there has been more interest in riding. I got back home from Bois Blanc Island yesterday afternoon and have been trying to play catch up. I was setting here in my office and someone walked in, I had my office door closed and the door opens up and there he stood, in the flesh, THE MOUNTAIN MAN himself, He let out a howl and I asked him where the heck he has been and that people have been asking about him. He is still camped out but he wont tell me where, so the race will be on this winter to figure out where he is. He landed himself a new truck and you can tell its him from his yellow canoe on top. I took a pic of him and I out front and a little video too which I will have to put on later. The countdown is on till December first. I suppose its about time for me to call in to get some Trail Permits…..Also one more think I am sad to report on is that the Keg Bar is closed up and is for sale. I hate to see any business close down around here but that is a great snowmobile stop that is gone now. I do see activity happening at the IGA in waters so hopefully that will reopen soon. The price on the bar is 250K with land contract terms possible, so if anyone wants to own a bar in Waters please contact me as I would be happy to sell it to you and see it open back up. Thanks for checking in. Pete

mm and pete

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