One Day to Go!!!

Well in less than 20 hours is the day we have been waiting for, it certainly will not be premium conditions but if we can hold on to what we have it will help get things started. Like I have said the past couple days I would expect a few people to come out but I don’t believe many will. If it gets into the 30s like the weatherman says that wont help. Coming at you this morning from the Holiday Inn North Mart on the river in downtown Chicago. I have been out bicycle riding this morning and saw a lot, that’s the only way to get around, you rent the bike for 7 dollars for 24 hours and there are many drop off points around the city so you just pick it up again if you want to continue riding….So thanks for checking in and if you do get on a machine Please remember to Ride Safely. Bellow is a picture of Trump Tower I took this morning and us at the Bean yesterday. Pete

bean trump

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