Oh I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee,

and we ride right into Frederic for its Petey they come to see. Started the morning out here in frederic with 2 of the Alabama boys, Ronnie & James who still made the trip to Grayling from L.A. (lower alabama) to hopefully ride sleds. Instead they are riding in the chevy truck. I had a nice visit with them and they helped break my dry streak of 4 days with no sales in here. The rest of the crew that was going to come up this week is holding off till the end of the month. Those guys are road warriors and have no problem making the 1000 mile drive to come here and ride. Not a flake of new snow since yesterday so the wait is still on. I know the Darkside Adventures guys are getting ready to head out on their 2 week , 2000 mile trip thru the canadian bush. You can check out their website at

And speaking of Canadia I also see where my world famous canadian friend and Clutch expert extroidinar Bill Cudney is heading up into quebec today. If you want to get an aerial view on where he is riding you can click this link to follow along. http://share.delorme.com/BillCudney    I think what it is like a spot messenger. Just trying to find things to help pass the wait for snow.  Tip up town is this weekend in Houghton Lake and they have ice drag races going on for that. The lack of snow will make it hard to ride sleds down there and the cold has firmed up the ice but I would still be leary of that. Thats about it for now. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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