Oh Give Me a Home……..

Oh Give me a home where the buffalo roam. Good Morning, coming at you from Wheatland Wyoming. We have been on a family road trip. We left Grayling last wednesday with trailer in tow and my daughter Melissa following us in her car and headed out to Boulder, Colorado where she has a new job at University of Colorado in Boulder. We got her moved in and spent a couple days sight seeing. Went to downtown Boulder which is a very nice town and up to Lyons to visit a friend and then Estes Park. Our other stop was the Denver aquarium where Melissa had set up a meet and greet with their resident Sloth, what a slow moving but docile animal. I have to say that its tough to drop your daughter off over a thousand miles away from home. That was as bad as when we first left her for her first days of college. She has been quite an adventurer as the day before we headed to Colorado we picked her up from the airport from a 2 week trip she did to Europe, thru Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. (I wonder where she gets that from?)  So now we are starting on our return trip home. Havent heard any exciting news out of Grayling or Frederic so here are a couple pics and thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_7212 IMG_7233 IMG_7217 IMG_7211 IMG_7257

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