Now I am really bummed out

and I am bummed out because I just got off the phone with my short friend Denny from Rockford who is currently in his truck and driving out to Sturgis, S.D., he asked me last week if I wanted to go but I just couldn’t get away this week. The part that bums me out so bad is that he has his sled in the back of his truck and he is hoping to still find some snow out there. We went riding together out there a few years ago and that was fun. The sad thing about that whole ordeal and snowstorm from out there is there were many buildings that collapsed along with thousands of heads of cattle and farm animals. So anyways I am here in Frederic and things are cool here today. I have heard rumors of someone picking up the IGA store in waters and that it should be open again soon. I hope that story is true. We went on a color tour sunday up towards Mackinaw and across to Cross Village and down thru the tunnel of trees. A very pretty and colorful drive. That’s about it for now, and I am pasting a couple pics below, The first picture is Haley & Cathy picking apples. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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