Nothing like an overnight storm to start the weekend

I would say we had about 5 to 6 new inches of snow in frederic overnight and it makes for a great start for the weekend. There have been many sleds in this morning already including a big group of OSSA riders. This is the first time in a few years that they have had good snow to ride in. Trailer counts this morning were heavy with only 6 at the Days Inn but 56 at the Ramada. I still have alot of snow to plow out back. As you drive north be sure to tune into wqon 100.3 to hear my radio update. Also last week I asked a friend of mine that we all know of if he would do a public service announcement to go along on the radio station regarding safe snowmobling and he was good enough to call into the station yesterday to do that. You will know who I am talking of when you hear it and its a great thing for the whole sport of snowmobiling and if it helps people ride more resonsibly that is great. A big thank you goes out to him… lets see who is the first one to post to say that they heard it and who it is……Thanks for checking in. Pete

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