Not looking so good now

I left Frederic about 4, the power went out about 2 and at that time conditions were great. About 4 the rain kicked in for a couple hours and it was up to 42 degrees. Who knows what way this is going to go, dont know if we will really get snow or rain tonight and or how many inches of rain or snow. The rain really slushed up the snow but I did see 2 sleds riding thru town when I was at Mainstream Steak and Ribs tonight. I have been meaning to mention that Mainstream just opened up a couple days ago in the location next to the Days Inn that used to be Canadian Steak and Fish… at least that gives us a nice restaurant to eat at in Grayling because we certainly dont have alot of choices. My friend GM sent meĀ  a text earlier today saying he was out hunting and he said he could hear sleds zipping all around him…..Lets sleep tight and see what happens in the morning. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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