Not as bad as predicted

Its not as bad as what was predicted, however schools all thru northern and Michigan are closed this morning because of icy roads and they really aren’t that bad. There wasn’t even any ice on my windshield this morning. From here are on out the weather is back to the teens and 20s which is good. The biggest problem with the little rain we got last night is kind of the same situation I was in a few weeks ago when I went to ride the black lake loop. The rain has soaked into the snow and now it has frozen which isn’t going to let snow up to your heat exchangers to cool your sled. Hopefully the groomers will get out there and get it churned up to get things working the way they should. I did check the motels this morning and there was one trailer at the Days Inn and 9 at the Ramada. I did talk to a guy at the ramada that was riding a sled with 2 inch paddles and he said he wasn’t getting enough cooling yesterday so I don’t think he will get it today either. Earlier this week the boys from Pennsylvania stopped in and they were having a good time, I haven’t seen them since last year. Jim Wolfe was one of them. So bottom line is we still have a lot of snow even though it has a icy crust on it right now. The season isn’t over yet. Hopefully 5 more weeks to go. Think Snow and MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH!!! Thanks for checking in. Pete Below is  a picture I just took out my front door looking towards the swamp. Still pretty windy out there at 30 degrees.  Also here is a link to the new hoosier snowmobiler magazine

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