Not a good way to start the day…

As I walked out the door at home this morning I could hear a siren going and I told Cathy that didnt sound good at 7 in the morning. It wasnt to long before I heard there was a snowmobiler non repsonsive in the ditch that had hit a tree near higgins lake.. Then came the news that he had died. 53 year old downstate man. Not a good way to start what is turning into a great day of snowmobiling. I have been here since just after 8 and it has been very steady all day along with snow in the air to boot. We have had a couple inches of new snow today along with 3 or 4 inches that we had yesterday.Lots of sleds around friday and I have to say I think this is the busiest saturday this season. Unbelieveable the amount of sleds in town and it looks just like winter should. The fire has been going all day. Trailer counts this morning were 10 at the Days Inn along with 33 at the Ramada and one truck with 2 canoes on it. I rode all day yesterday and trails were great. Stopped by for pics at the mountain mans camp and did some video with him to come later along with having lunch with him at Shirleys. So thats it for now as there are still alot of people in here right now. I saw both grayling groomers last night and both kalkaska groomers yesterday afternoon. Thanks for checking in and here is a pic of a little guy that was in this morning.2013-02-23_10-28-25_38


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