North to Alaska and Back

My friend Wayne Koppa is setting out tonight to do a power ride that even I wouldn’t tackle. He is leaving from Spikes just after 9 tonight to ride to Hyder, Alaska and back in 7 days. Hyder has a population of 87 people and is the most south east city in Alaska making it closest to us. This is a fund raiser for Polio eradication as you will see when you read the article below. I took the pictures of him Wednesday at the Grayling Rotary meeting. If you think its impossible its not because he has done it once before. The Dobson family from Windsor stopped in here a couple days ago. The girls love getting a free key chain from me.


     Help Finish The Fight For Global Polio Eradication.

               North to Alaska –  And Back? 

Rotary International has been working with the World Health Organization, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others to eliminate Polio.  A disease that once crippled children in most countries, to include America, is now only in a handful of places in the world.   Fund raising pledge drives are nothing new – something difficult is attempted and donations are requested for a worthy cause.  Our rider, Wayne Koppa, will depart Grayling on or about August 16th for Alaska and intends to be back in seven days.  While we don’t know if this is possible we know that the fight to end Polio is one we need to win.  Please make a tax deductable donation to Polio Plus and send it to the Grayling Rotary Club, P.O. Box 373, Grayling, MI  49738.   Also, it will be nice to get Wayne out of town.                        Participants in this fund raising adventure will receive a report (possibly from the road) on how well or not so well this trip goes.  Send your donation and your E-mail address.

100% of your contribution goes to fight Polio. 

Contribute Today. 

End Polio Now.                          

Additional information before and after the ride or 989-370-5757.

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