Nope, no change at all. Its 6 degrees and sunny in downtown Frederic with a very slight dusting of snow overnight. Motel count surprisingly was 2 trailers at the ramada and zero at the days inn. I didn’t figure there would be any trailers. I sure don’t know where they are going to ride although there were 2 different sleds that rode thru Frederic yesterday that I saw….not recommended to do. I did talk to the Alabama boys last night and they are in Newberry and said they rode up to Paradise and Whitefish point yesterday and said that was decent and today they are heading off towards Grand Marais……I should load up and go up there, I am sure that will be a zoo up there. There was a very nice sunset over Fredreic last night so I took a pic of that and I also now have a lot of new shirts in so if we ever get snow back I am loaded up for your shopping pleasure. Also have new pint glasses coming with the WTF (welcome to Frederic) on them and some new soft Sledheads key chains. So the wait is still on for new snow. Stop by and say hi if you are in the hood……Thanks for checking in. Pete but wait there is more, just had some people stop in and they said they are on their way to a snow cross race in In Indian River….I didn’t even know about that…..

Friday night Sunset over Frederic

Friday night Sunset over Frederic

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