noon thirty in Frederic on a wednesday

Noon Thirty and all is quiet in Frederic, only been a couple sleds in but things are in excellent shape. One guy that came in said he rode yesterday from Gaylord to Dingmans and on the one to ten scale gave things a 12 so that is always good to hear. I plowed again this morning and I cant believe it but somehow during the week I think totally we have accumulated 8 to 10 inches. It just doesn’t seem like there was that much but wow did I move a lot of snow. Its been warmer than we would like to see but that makes for comfy riding not like the frigid temps we had last winter. Here is a link to a video from this morning of the train plow going by The Ultimate Train Snowplow    The Darkside Adventures Quebec Blog is online now as the guys get ready to start their ride tomorrow. I also couldn’t resist taking some pics of my truck out front this morning. I have had it in the back room for a month and hate to take it out to get it dirty. I am going to be gone for a couple of days and will try to update on the road if I can thru my phone. My friend who is a retired cop will be watching over the place along with Cathy. I try not to miss any days updating during the winter but it does happen. Watch the weatherman. I still don’t like these close to 30 degree days. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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