Noon Saturday in Frederic

Well noon got here in a hurry this morning, sleds out and about and I have to say I was surprised at the trailer counts this morning with 4 at the days inn and 43 trailers at the Ramada. That is one of the biggest counts of the whole winter for the Ramada. Trails are still holding but we had a bit of a hit yesterday with 43 degrees and partly sunny out there. It is 32 out there right now cloudy. At least we didn’t get any rain. Who knows how this will all play out but I will keep you posted. I left here last night and was heading home and thought I would try to call the snow bunny and BA Mike to see if they were going to be here as I thought they were coming. It is really freaky how I run into those two all the time, I was on my phone calling them as I came up on the trail crossing to Frederic up north of the high school and wouldn’t you know it there they were pulling up to the stop sign. That same thing happened last year at night when they were crossing up by the ole barn last year. Here is a video from them from last night .      Cathy and I are going to meet them for dinner tonight at the ole barn about 7:30 so stop and say hi if you are out and about. That’s about it for today. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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