Noon Friday with a prediciton of new snow

Its noon Friday with a prediction of new snow tonight. They are saying 2 inches which would make the trails somewhat doable near Frederic. There is still a lot of now in the woods. 2 inches would be enough to for lubrication but you would be riding on the ice that is below, plus you need to pick and choose your route thru the spots where the sun has brought the dirt back. My prediction is there will be those trying for just one more time tomorrow, at least in the Frederic, Grayling, Starvation Lake area. North and West of Frederic is usually where it gets better. Now the U.P. on the other hand I think is going to be packed this weekend with the conditions that they have up there. Sledheads will be open Saturday and sunday in beautiful downtown Frederic. Its always nice to see the people that stop in on their way back from the u.p. for a pit stop. If you do ride please ride safely. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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