Noah get the ark out

It rained hard all night in grayling and frederic and its icy with alot of snow gone since yesterday. Schools from Cadillac to Gaylord are closed and winter is pretty much done once again. I am watching this from Kzoo as I am at my moms, got here last night and we had a great dinner at Texas Road House….I love that place…anyways heading back home soon. I have been trying to get here once a month as my mom is 89 heading for 90 and I just dont get to spend enough time with her. She is still doing pretty good for an old timer. She told me last night she wants to go to Sturgis with me this summer. I took her about 15 years ago and she had a good time there….Sledheads will be open tommorow in case anyone wants to stop by for a swim in the parkingĀ  lot. I just tried to check my webcam and of course it wasnt coming in on this computer…who knows if its working again….I think I should start that whole project over again. There is alot more modern stuff out there than what I have…but then again with out any business its a hard thing to upgrade…..Thanks for checking in. Pete

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