No I am not sleeping

No I am not sleeping. Its now 5:15 Saturday afternoon and its been very hectic here in Sledheads since I got here this morning. This is the first that I have made it into my laptop to do an update. So as expected there have been lots and lots of sleds in town here today. I did the motel survey this morning and Ramada was at 29 trailers and Days Inn was at 9 and Fays Motel had the no vacancy sign up with sleds all around their rooms. That’s what we like to see. The temps have been hovering at 30 to 31 all day and its been way to sunny but people say trails have been holding pretty well. First thing this morning some riders came in that had just rode down from waters and they said the trail was great so that’s was good to hear. Last night we had dinner at the Frederic Inn and I ran into a guy that said he had been stopped by the DNR because of no trail permit. He still had his receipt in his pocket from buying a trail permit and he said that he did have it on the sled and it blew off. The DNR guy let him go because he had the proof but then an hour or so later he came across an Emmet County Sheriff who stopped him and proceeded to give him a ticket for failure to display. He didn’t accept the receipt and I did get to see the ticket that he got….darn they know there is a problem with them things blowing off. I wish they would put some good sticky on those things.  I had a call from Tim who was in the hospital over in Traverse City and he said at the trail crossing north of the high school a sled blew the stop sign at the trail and he swerved to miss him, the guy didn’t stop and Tim crashed his truck into a tree totaling it out and hurting him. So pay attention to where you are riding. So now its up to 5:40 so I will get this on. The pics below I took outside here earlier today. Thanks for checking in. PeteIMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014


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