Ninja Riding vs slow motion obstacle course

Thats the way the riding has been described to me, Ninja Riding vs slow motion obstacle course. With all the trees down on the trails it is giving those that are out there a work out. Bart & Burt from Saline were just into Sledheads for their first time and they used the ninja description. I had a few reports from riders yesterday that had spotted groomers out and about. Not a flake of new snow since 6 last night but it at least it stayed cold and is still 21 degrees right now. We had our Century 21 Christmas dinner last night at Mainstream Steak and Ribs (which was great) and when we left there I did my motel survey and about 11 last night there were 3 trailers at the Days Inn and 4 at the Ramada. This morning I spotted a few sleds at one of the North end motels and Fays motel had 7 or 8 sleds parked out front and I could see trailers parked out back. So there are not a ton of riders around but considering 3 days ago we had zero snow things are good for the ones that are here. It looks like we might actually have a riding season between christmas and new years……I got another new batch of shirts in yesterday, these I  printed on the soft style type shirts. You just have to feel one of these verses a regular t shirt. Many colors and I will put a pic here too. I ended up plowing alot more snow around here yesterday than I wanted to but it was just to deep to leave there. Thanks for chekcing in. Pete101_1624

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