Nice cold and crisp

Nice, cold and crisp out this morning at 12 degrees. I got here shortly after 8 and my park n ride already has several trucks back there and they were getting ready to head out. Going to be a busy day out as motel trailer counts were 8 at Motel 72 by Tinkers Junction, 8 at the Days Inn and 56 at the Ramada in Grayling. Once again the weather guesser has lied as this is the third day in a row with no new snow when we were supposed to have snow for 7 days straight. Trail crossing looked good and I snapped this picture early this morning of the Grayling Groomer with the sunrise in the back ground as he was out and about .IMG_3688

I had to go out by Manistee Lake yesterday and thought I would go down to the Mountain Mans camp to see if he was still alive and as luck would have it I ran into him at the gas station there. He said he is like a bear and has been in hibernation. I was really beginning to wonder if he was o.k. IMG_3678

There were a lot of riders all day Friday. Reports to the bridge were thin at Cheboygan and spotty thru there to Mackinaw and downtown Mackinaw really thing but they still made it to bridge. We really do need a good shot of snow. Pictures below all from yesterday and this morning. Thanks for checking in. PeteĀ  IMG_3680 IMG_3681 IMG_3684 IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3687

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