Nice and Cold, thats the way we like it….

Its ten out and nice and cold and windy, we had about a half inch of new snow overnight. Sled traffic was steady all day yesterday and its been off to a busy start this morning. I don’t know where everybody is coming from, must be cabins and Gaylord because they sure are not at the motels in grayling. The trailer count this morning was 4 at the Days Inn and 9 at the Ramada. I sure would like to head out for a ride myself. Years ago we always went riding on new years eve but I sure haven’t done it in a long time. I told Cathy I just wanted to stay here and be open all night and whoever wanted to stop by could, but she didn’t like that idea. I will most likely stay till about 7 and then we are off to the Gray Rock for dinner tonight. Haley and I did a road trip yesterday afternoon to down by Pontiac to pick up a sled and hit a couple coney places too…..My other big scare yesterday was the beagle was having problems and I took her to the vet and they said she had an infection which they gave me pills for, but this morning I woke up and I really thought she was dead at first as she didn’t budge and seemed stiff when I touched her but then she popped up and seemed slow but o.k. She ate and layed back down… I am not sure where this is heading but just hoping for the best. And also yesterday I heard of the first snowmobile death of the season. Last year the first one was on the 22nd so it made it 8 more days this year. Please ride safely and of course, yes Sledheads will be open on New Years Day. Happy New Year to All.



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