Nice and Cold but we need SNOW!!

It went down to 8 overnight and we had only a slight skiff of new snow overnight. I have had riders in that report both bad and good areas. Snow is predicted for most of the week coming up but not a lot. So we just have to deal with what we have. Trailer counts were way down this morning with 3 at the Days Inn and 12 at the Ramada, I would expect that to start going up again by tomorrow night. Sled traffic was very heavy all day sunday in Frederic, way more than what we had on Saturday. A nice snowstorm would be a welcome sight anytime soon. Also got a picture texted to me from Brian who sent me a pic of the mountain man still camped out in the wal mart parking lot. Also have talked to a couple other people that have dropped him off goodies. And here is a shout out to EZ Rider, Your friend Jimbo says you missed a fantastic trip.! Oh Yeah and you can buy the coffee when we get back to work. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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