New Years eve day

Its new years eve day and been pretty quiet here in Frederic so far this morning. There have been a few sleds in and yesterday it seemed good to hear the sounds of sleds in the air even though I have to say it was way slower around Frederic yesterday than I thought it would be. Its 28 degrees here this morning and there has been no new snow since the big one on Monday night so what snow we do have on the trails is getting used up. Still its way better than what it was looking like at the beginning of the week. There were 6 trailers at the ramada this morning and zero at the days inn, also several sleds at Fays but I didn’t catch the trailer count there. It will be interesting to see how many really come out. Trail permits have been the popular item so far. So everyone have a safe new years eve and I wont be posting again till next year. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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