New Years Day

It looks like I was wrong about a whole new batch of riders coming in today. Even though the Ramada had a packed parking lot this morning it was all cars and only 5 trailers there with only 3 trailers at the Days Inn. I have heard one sled outside here in frederic this morning and only had a couple people in since 10. It was a great week though and I am thankful for all the people that came in and said hi and also bought goodies from Sledheads, it certainly helps keep us off the spam dinners. We also were very lucky to have the whole week stay so cold that we didnt lose any snow. It was 19 degrees when I got here this┬ámorning and is only up to 22 now. We went out for a family dinner at Mainstream Steak & Ribs in Grayling and that was nice that we were all together. Melissa has to head back off to college at the end of the week. It was nice having her around. Its now almost an hour and a half since I started writing this. People have been in and out but mostly in trucks…So anyways Happy New Year to all from our Sledheads Family to yours….Here is a picture of all of us at dinner last years dinner



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