Mushroom season is here

IMG_6617 IMG_6619 IMG_6625Its mushroom season finally, its been off to a slow start this year as it has been very dry and we need rain and warmth to get them going. Cathy and I went out and found 31 on our first try and I see several other people starting to get them. They made a great treat before dinner last night. Still nothing else to exciting going on in Frederic. I did capture a nice sunset picture over Lake Margrethe the other night which is below. Trying to get my grass back in shape outside the Sledheads building from where I tore it up with the plow and where carbides got to it too. Did the same thing down at my storage units too but that is a way bigger project. I am hoping to fence my whole property at the storage units so I can have trailer, boat and rv parking down there and everything will be nice and secure. The most exciting thing in our lives right now is that I have to go down to Big Rapids to Ferris tonight to move my daughter back home and then we will be back there on Friday night for her Graduation with a major in Biology. Cant belive she is thru 4 years of college all ready. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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