Mountain Man in the News

Well it appears the big story in northern Michigan is our own Mountain Man. I posted the tv story last night about his camper fire and thankfully he survived that but this morning I walked into 7 11 and there he was on the front page of the Traverse City Record Eagle. People are really coming together to help him out with donations so that is nice. I was half expecting him to show up here in Frederic yesterday as the third is payday and that’s usually when I see him, but unfortunately he was in a worse situation. Here is a link to the story in the Traverse City paper.         No new snow since yesterday, but there were sleds out and about, had a group of Wisconsin riders stop in that were having a good time out there. Also heard from Toledo Jake who wishes he could get out to ride. Its always nice to hear from everyone and where they are from or come in and introduce yourself to me. The bad part is I cant remember everyone. So that’s about it for today, I need to get out to ride if possible, that would be nice. Thanks for checking in. Pete

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