More Snow!!!

MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH……..I love this….maybe I can ride to starvation lake again today…..about an inch and a half of new snow and below is a picture out my front door at Lake Margrethe this morning. STill snow in the air…….I put a video earlier on the sledheads fb page……still alot of ice out on the lake. Yesteray I went up to Petoskey and on the way back I could see Waloon Lake which was still completely covered with ice. I went to visit my buddy Bob and I have to say that I liked it a whole lot better when we were in Key West 2 weeks ago. He got back home to grayling a few days after we did and when he got home he didnt feel well and went to the hospital. They said he had mini strokes and kidney stones so he is still in the hospital in petoskey. Not a good thing. He and I have had alot of fun over the years and darn we are all getting older. Sure is a wake up call. You just never know what is gonna happen. He is doing well and I think was pretty lucky with no major problems but still pretty scary.┬áThats where I will leave this for now….Thanks for checking in and send more snow!


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