Monday night 6:20

Its been a long couple days, just walked back in the door at home after a 170 mile ride and┬áleaving frederic this morning with John & Jake from ohio, We headed up to the bridge and it was a great ride, on the way up the only bad spot was a couple miles south of wolverine and its always like that and then from cheboygan to mackinaw it was just a little ripply but not real bad….after pics by the bridge and lunch at the keyhole bar we headed back. On the way up by Mullet lake there were many police vehicles and 2 search and rescue trailers and a hovercraft. A man went in with his sled by indian river and drowned. On the way back tv 9 and 10 was there and I stopped to talk to them and they ended up putting me in their new story. Also a lady died on makcinaw island after hitting a tree. That puts the count at 18. Backing up to yesterday afternoon Cathy and I headed to grand rapids yesterday afternoon where we went to the Bob Seger concert at VanAndel…that was nice but we didnt get home till 2….still worth all the tireedness…It was a great show….This is the first time this season that I havent done a daily update…..conditions went downhill some by the time I got back to frederric but there is still alot of snow out there. 2 times I stepped off the trail and went down almost to my knee in snow….it really is hard to tell how things are gonna hold, I think we need to take it day by day…..Thanks for checking in..


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