Monday Morning

Its 10:15 Monday morning and I am just beginning to type this and I hear the first sleds of the morning pulling up so as I have heard before “I’ll Be Back”. Well now its 11, turns out the first sleds of the day  are the 4 guys that are staying at my rental cottage. They are from Ohio and are heading for the bridge, darn I wish I could go with them. They said it was a decent ride here from my house and hopefully it will be a good run to the bridge. Another group of ohio riders just stopped too and are on their way back, I took a picture of their rig which was a heavy duty setup pulled by a dodge dually with six sleds. Sunday sled traffic was good for a sunday but darn I wish we would get more snow. The forcast isn’t anything to get excited about this coming week so we just have to see what happens. Dixie the beagle stopped in for a visit yesterday but I missed her. Darn, I will have to see her next trip. Thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_0029 IMG_0030 IMG_0028


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