Monday Morning, cloudy and comfy

Its a cloudy Monday and comfy morning in downtown Frederic. Got home last night after a weeknd down in Berrien Springs at an archery shoot. Haley and I had a good time flinging arrows and we had a great pool at our motel in Stephensville, it was pretty nice just hanging out. Well Wayne is still plugging his way towards Key West and should be there by tonight. I will post his past two days posts and he is hoping with the matching funds that they will get to 100,000 dollars. Here are his last two updates…    Hi this is Wayne from Nugget City in the Yukon. Microsoft has shut me out of my e-mail account. So someone plenase call Marcia in case she doesn’t see this. I am on my way to Edmundton. My last e-mail that worked was from Destruction Bay. Conner is you can capture the e-mails from the daily I was sending out please let them know to look here and everything is going fine. A little behind schedule. Wayne

Hi – this is Wayne on day 3 without e-mail capability. We are working on it but it may not happen until I get back in the states. Last night had dinner in Whitehorse with Ramesh Ferris who is a Polio survivor who gave a presentation at out district conference in Michigan. We had a great conversation and took some photos that I can’t send until we get the e-mail working. Stayed in a sleeping room in Nugget City last night. Set out for Dawson Creek and stopped at the Laird River Hot Springs for a dip. The springs are outside and very popular. On the road after that there was more wildlife than any other single day. Buffalo roam up to and across the road. Stopped and watched a buffalo roll around in the dirt like a way big dog would roll around in the dirt. Mountain sheep in the road. Bears. Came over a rise and had to do an extremely rapid stop. Would have made the stop in time but she decided to turn around and lead her calf back into the woods. Rode around Mucho Lake which is a huge aquamarine colored body of water where the road winds around its banks. Fun fun riding. Got rained on twice and hailed on once. I said “damn that rain is hitting hard”. It was frozen that is why it was raining hard. Prices are different. Stopped to buy four lithium AAA batteries for the GPS Tracker – 34.00. I am headed toward Edmonton then to Regina and down to Minot, N.D.. I think I will not get out of Canada until Friday. WayneGot my e-mail back.  Thanks to Mark for forwarding  my web site posts.

What a great surprise seeing the new contribution number on the web site.  Wow.
I see my friends from BMW of Grand Rapids had a check and the Lansing Motorcycle Club (home of the Jackpine Enduro) was doing the same.  Thanks all.
It is late and I am going to make this short, I have to get up in six hours.
It rained cats and dogs in Canada.  Crossed the border at around noon local time.  My Canadian friends don’t have to worry now about me clogging up the Canadian medical care system or taking valuable time from their Provincial Police.  I have cleared the area but will be back.
I have about 2,050 miles to cover by 6:00 PM Monday and it will go right down to the wire.  I have been unable to pack away extra miles.  Today was a little over 800.  I have been trying to figure the weather out so I don’t know what is in store for me there.  Tires are going away a little but the surfaces should be better going forward.
North Dakota was a little windy but not as bad as on the way out.
Thanks for everyone’s support.
End Polio Now

Jun 22 at 1:47 AM
Its early as I type this.  Did a little over 900 miles today.  Was in the rain three times and watched a lightning storm for a while before moving around the edge of it.  I am in Metropolis, Illinois and about 1250 miles out for the next day and a half.

Bike is running well.  Not using the heated gear.  The gear I am wearing is naturally heated.
Not any real issues except getting enough sleep and things keep exploding or leaking in my overnight kit.
One guy cheered me up.  We were both filling our bikes and he said with a big grin “I rode from Chicago today how about you?”  I responded “other side of Minneapolis”.  Kept me going for a couple more hours.
Had trouble finding a motel.  Pulled off and noticed a prison sign but didn’t pay no nevermind.  Only one motel and I pull around the corner and honest to God where you pull up your car to check the rates there is a circle of young men, short hair,  sitting on the pavement playing cards right in front of the door.
I went down the rood.
Tomorrow is really important.  Have to be a big day.  Only have till 6:00 to get in on Monday.
Just remember it doesn’t matter if I am early or late or if the ride is over – you can still contribute to the web site.
We need 18,334 for all the matches to make 100,000.00.
Any way you look at thats a great number to tell people about.
It sounds 50,000 better than 90,000 if you know what I mean.
Thanks for everyone’s help.
WayneStarted late 7:00 AM and finished late 9:00 PMR

Mountains into Georgia were fun.  No comparison to Canada (Oh Canada) and Alaska.
We had a rollover into the woods and all the police cars were there.  right after that everyone really took off. Me too.
 We had a big lighting storm crossing I-75 so I pulled off to watch.  There I met the LAMA – the Latin American Motorcycle Association.  They were on a group ride to S.C.? (Tail of the Dragon).  We were fast friends because I had stopped to check on one of their riders on  the road.  The storm was not moving so I called it a day and checked out.
Luckily I punched thru and called Marcia from the Florida Welcome Center that did not have an after hours TV weather map available.  She said stop in Gainsville which I did.
On the way to Gainsville I stopped for gas and the LAMA was loading up three bikes, one crash, one transmission, one flat tire, no injuries.
Here is the deal.  If I get up early tomorrow I think I can make Key West by 6:00.  That will put me in at 175 hours which would be me ending up very satisfied with the ride.  We are at $15,936 on the web site with donations which will be added to by the friends of Bob Gandolfi to a total of $30,936 which will then be tripled by the Gates Foundation.  We are only a couple thousand dollars away from ending up with a $100,000.00 impact on Ending Polio Now from our neck of the woods. If there is anything you can do on influencing a donation please step into it.  The best way is on-line. It would be a great way to finish this effort off with a 100K impact.
I will report to you from Key West.  It will be nice to stay in  one place for two days.
End Polio Now.
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