Monday in Frederic

Its a bit muggy here in Frederic this morning. Got back home from the u.p. and a nice weekend at the Munuscong River Campground except there were times when we were great mosquitoe bait. What a  huge campsite we had with big old red pines on it and there were only 2 other camps in the whole grounds. Wayne made it back to Grayling 7:30 on Friday night, I will post his update below. He said he is going to write a finish story so when that is done I will post it. Here is the update.

Made it in at 7:31 PM on Friday completing the trip in something like 6 days, 22 hours and change.Total mileage was somewhere around 5,400.Everything went well during the 600 miles from Grand Rapids, MN to Grayling, MI.

I stopped briefly at the Sgt Oscar Johnson memorial on Highway 69.
Oscar retired out of the Michigan Army National Guard.  He was a quiet well liked Warrant Officer that ran the State Headquarters Organizational Maintenance Shop that took care of all the headquarters vehicles.
Spikes was booming when I rolled in.  Had fish and will be putting my thoughts together over the next couple days for a final report.
Thanks again for everyone’s help and contributions.
What a great trip but as Dorthy said in the Wizard of OZ-
“There’s no place like home”
Wayne Koppa
Grayling Rotary Club
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