Monday Afternoon

Its now Monday afternoon and its sunny and 20 out there. Only a few sleds around this morning and this couple that just stopped were on their way back from St Ignace, they had started out from River Park Campground in Grayling and headed up and took the trailer across to ST Ignace, then onto Mackinac Island. They said trails were perfect coming back today and that makes me jealous that I still haven’t done that trip yet this year. We did have a few fresh flakes of snow on the ground this morning at Lake Margrethe and they are talking about some system snow for tomorrow. We can only hope. Also I heard about some sleds going off trail up on trail 4 near waters and riding thru fresh acreage of small pine trees. That’s a good way to get the trail removed. Please urge riders and friends to stay on the marked trail. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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