Mo Mo Nah Chee Chee Nah,,,I like it alot

Mo Mo Nah Chee Chee Nah,,,I like it a lot, we had about 3 to 5 inches of nice white new snow overnight and I just came in from plowing everything around Sledheads here. In the 17 years I have been here there has never been this much snow out there. Now if I can only get out there and ride a bit. Someone else pointed out to me in the past few days that I haven’t talked much about having to eat Spam this winter. I guess they are right as you certainly couldn’t ask for a better winter. I have been way behind on doing videos but I did do a quick one this morning just to show you the snow out there. Here is a link to it.  Also I see on my sledheads facebook page if you look under posts by others the snow princess put a picture of her modeling her new Sledheads shortie shorts. I hope she stayed warm during that…….Thanks for checking in. Pete

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