It was calm this morning but about noon it started snowing, it is now almost 7 p.m. and we are up to about 3 inches and its still snowing. Its a nice system type snow. Well this is great I am seeing predictions of upper 30s for later in the week…..Maybe we can keep this for the start of a good base. I decided it was a good day to do my float trip down the south branch of the ausable in my canoe. I picked up a friend to go with me. It was snowing hard and its a 5 hour float. We set off from Chase Bridge and made it about a whole 50 yards before we went swimming…..We were fine but the canoe was swamped and we were in waist deep water. Not a good way to start out a 5 hour trip. So still Big Don eludes me. We got everything gathered up less one throwable cushion and decided to follow the river back on the south side in the nice warm truck. We made it to the Mason Chapel which is one of the hardest places in crawford county to find. I love that spot. That was a nice stop and then we got back to where we had left Mikes truck at Smith Bridge. Now I am glad we took a swim because we would have just about been back had we stayed on the river all day. I am putting a pic of me at the chapel here and I will get on first thing in the morning to let you know how things shape up overnight…….

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