MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH    Keep up the snow chants with this winter storm on the horizon. We are supposed to get it starting later today. Hopefully it will come because we need it. The warm temps slushed and rutted things up pretty good yesterday. I talked to two guys this morning that said they really got beat up yesterday riding from Higgins lake to Frederic to Dingmans, then on the other hand I had two guys in yesterday afternoon from Pennsylvania who were thrilled to just be riding at all as there is no snow in their state. Boy did Melissa and I hit it just right on the trip back from Denver last week as its looking pretty nasty out that way now. Its almost 1 p..m. and I just go here into Frederic as we had to take Melissa back to the airport in TC this morning for her to start her new adventure in her life. She is off to Houston for training to become a flight attendant with a major airline. That should be interesting for her. I need to go down and fill up my plow truck in hopes I really do have snow to move in the morning. It was down to 15 this morning so that firmed everything back up. I keep forgetting to mention it but I had a message on my phone from the Mountain Man a few days ago. I am not sure where he is camped out at but I haven’t seen him in quite a while. People come in here wondering where he is……Below are a couple pics of the snow sliding off the roof at my storage units yesterday. It was thick and heavy to move. Lets chant for more snow and thanks for checking in. Pete

IMG_0115 IMG_0118

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