photo44MO MO NAH CHEE CHEE NAH, Keep it coming. We had about 8 inches of new white fluffy snow overnight here in Frederic. Schools are closed everywhere and trails are packed full of fluffy snow. Its a tough ride right now because there is so much snow on them its hard to see but as riders and groomers pack them down its going to get very nice. There is still supposed to be some more snow falling on us today. Sled traffic was slow around Frederic yesterday and I have only had 2 in the shop here so far this morning but the thing that really makes me wonder is the fact that I checked the motels this morning in grayling. The motel behind the ole barn had 2 trailers and both Ramada and Days Inn had zero trailers or sleds at them. However there were a bunch of jeeps and big trucks at the Ramada that looked like they were heading out hopefully not on the sled trails. So this should be our first big weekend. I just had a port a potty delivered yesterday and the wind was blowing so hard last night it broke the hinges off the door so it looks like it might not be to private this weekend. Below is a picture of Jay & Cooper Howard from Adrian that rode in here this morning. They rode into here from up by the high school. Thanks for checking in. Pete


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